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Indy x Skyloud

Success Story - Cloud Managed Services

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Cloud outsourcing

Indy automates the accounting of the self-employed and liberal professions thanks to a simple, pleasant and functional product up to the balance sheet.

Indy is reaching out to Skyloud in 2020 for expert, up-close assistance to outsource their infrastructure management.

Outsourcing challenges

  1. Outsource infrastructure management to benefit from maintenance in operational condition and the guarantee of high availability.
  2. Benefit from proximity to DevOps & Cloud experts who can meet their different needs.
  3. Ensure the proper distribution of applications internationally.

Découvrez comment SKYLOUD a pu répondre à ces enjeux d’infrastructure à travers une approche Cloud Native.

Romain Keoning
Co-founder & CTO

Thanks to Skyloud, we save a lot of time on the Tech side! We no longer need to open the hood at all to manage and maintain our hosted cloud tools (like Sentry and Grafana) and all marketing team sites.

The responsiveness to managing small daily problems is reassuring and gives us great peace of mind. In doing so, we can concentrate on our business and on the tech&product team.

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