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Success Story - Kubernetes Migration

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Migrating Kubernetes

Mon Petit Placement is a Fintech Lyonnaise that democratizes premium investment to the general public.

In 2021, they call on us for the first time to meet their performance needs and absorb the strong growth of their SaaS application.

Migration issues

  1. Respond to platform performance and availability issues.
  2. Allow the horizontal scalability of the infrastructure in order to absorb increases in load.
  3. Optimize hosting costs with usage-based billing.

Découvrez comment SKYLOUD a pu répondre à ces enjeux d’infrastructure à travers une approche Cloud Native.

Thibault Jaillon

With the strong growth of Mon Petit Placement, we encountered many problems on the infrastructure side.

Skyloud took care of the migration to Kubernetes in record time! The result is perfect and we are now confident about the development of our activity.

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