AWS Migration

The main issues

Airvance designs air treatment, ventilation, heating and domestic hot water systems to ensure the well-being and safety of people in their living spaces.

Airvance uses Skyloud, DevOps & Cloud Expert certified on Kubernetes, for the first time in January 2022.

The goal is to be able to update all their applications and meet their hosting needs.

Migration issues:

  • Ensure high availability of Wordpress sites
  • Maintenance and deployments without any service interruption
  • Optimize the security of hosted applications
  • Decouple the Wordpress multi-site to limit the “domino” effects

Skyloud accompanied Airvance in a transition to a Cloud Native architecture.
We designed, built, and deployed a custom AWS EKS infrastructure for their application.  

For this, we used the best Devops & cloud technologies


Amazon Web Services
Cloud Provider
Containers & Orchestration
Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service
Containers & Orchestration
Infrastructure as Code
Containers & Orchestration
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The DESIGN stage: consists in defining the tailor-made target infrastructure to meet the challenges and technical and business constraints.

Step 1

The BUILD step: consists in encapsulating, securing and preparing the application for production. Then, the new infrastructure is created and versioned via Kubernetes and IaC technology.

Step 2

The DEPLOY step: aims to migrate the application and data to the new Cloud environment. For this, checks with the customer are made for the production of pre-production environments. Once validated, production is migrated.

Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
Step 6

Mise en œuvres et résultats

Today, Airvance has a resilient, secure and scalable infrastructure that meets all of its expectations. The new infrastructure management makes it possible to absorb growth serenely.

Airvance can now update all their websites and deploy new applications without constraints.

Results :

  • Resilient, reliable and secure Wordpress instances
  • Redundancy across multiple zones on the same region
  • Replication of multi-region backups
  • An evolution and adaptability of the infrastructure for all future needs
Olivier Barboyon
IT Project Manager

Thanks to SKYLOUD, we were able to find effective hosting and performance for our various Wordpress sites. We appreciated the quality of their advice and support.

We no longer encounter any limits and we are very satisfied with the technical answers provided by the teams.

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