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What is DevOps?

DevOps is a set of practices and tools, as well as a philosophy that brings together several definitions:

Profession: A DevOps expert is a systems engineer who is proficient in the Cloud, CI/CD development and continuous integration. It creates, deploys and operates Cloud infrastructures.

Culture: The DevOps culture consists of having operational (infrastructure) and technical (development) teams work together by creating procedures, communication systems and implementing tools to link their businesses

Tools: DevOps tools encompass all CI/CD, testing, and automation tools used within this culture.

Continuous improvement

Today, companies are increasingly confronted with issues of maintenance and development of their information systems. They don't always have the in-house skills to adopt DevOps best practices and the right tools for their development and infrastructure.
Our DevOps experts support you to accelerate your development, automate your repetitive tasks and gain flexibility in the face of market changes.

Why integrate a DevOps culture?

The DevOps culture provides quick and effective solutions to all deployment and scaling issues

You need expertise for the maintenance and evolution of your infrastructure

You need expertise to maintain your infrastructure in operational condition and enable its development.

You want to automate and accelerate your development processes

You want to use DevOps tools to automate your deployment tasks, minimize human error, and ensure consistent deployments, while benefiting from continuous integration.

You wish to enter into a process of continuous improvement

You want your infrastructure to be monitored in real time with an appropriate logging strategy to detect anomalies and improve future developments of your application.

Our DevOps services

Find out how we can support you in integrating a DevOps culture

CI/CD development

We help you design CI/CD solutions to automate your deployments, reduce human actions and facilitate your application deliveries.

Continuous integration (CI): automated code checking after each modification.

Continuous Delivery (CD): Automated deployment of applications when they are ready for deployment.

Test automation: automated application verification at every stage of development.

Roll-back: automatically reverts to previous versions in the event of deployment failure.

Monitor & Logs

We put in place all the tools allowing you to monitor the operating status of your infrastructure and improve future developments.

Real-time monitoring: Monitor infrastructure performance and metrics to detect anomalies.

Automatic alert: Sends automatic alerts in the event of a problem.

Centralized logs: Collect and centralize logs on all applications and infrastructure components.

Customizable dashboard: View key infrastructure metrics.

Infrastructure optimization

Our DevOps experts optimize your infrastructure to make it more resilient, scalable and secure.

Automation: automate repetitive tasks, processes and optimize resources

Orchestration: Orchestration of tasks and processes.

Configuration management: maintain a clear, up-to-date view of the infrastructure.

Pipeline deployment: automate development and deployment tasks.

Learn more about our technologies

We work with the best DevOps and Cloud Native technologies:


Open-source collaborative work platform based on Git.

Continuous deployment

Open source orchestration system for containers.

Containers & Orchestration

Graphical visualization tool for logs and metrics


Collaborative work platform based on Git.

Continuous deployment

System and service monitoring solution.

Argo CD

Continuous deployment tool in Kubernetes.

Continuous deployment

Code-based infrastructure development.

Infrastructure as Code

Virtualization solution.

Containers & Orchestration
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