Cloud outsourcing

Entrust the outsourcing of your infrastructure to experts

Our experts monitor and guarantee the availability of your infrastructure. Benefit from continuous auditing, support to answer your questions and rapid interventions in the event of problems.

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Why outsource the management of its infrastructure?

Skyloud outsourcing at the service of your infrastructure

Managing your cloud infrastructure involves several constraints such as recruitment, on-call duty and keeping expertise in-house.
Moreover, it is not always possible for companies to internalize this costly and complex skill.
Our SRE engineers ensure the availability, the maintenance in operational condition of your infrastructure and offer you support so that you can concentrate on your core business in the best conditions.

Find out why you should entrust us with the management of your Cloud infrastructure:

Need for stability

Your critical applications are hosted in the Cloud. You must ensure the stability of your infrastructures and be able to intervene quickly in the event of an incident.

Need for expertise

You do not have all the internal resources to deal with your Infrastructure issues. You are looking for a specialized partner to develop your infrastructure in the best conditions.

Increase productivity

Your technical teams must stay focused on development in order to deliver new features more quickly.

Our cloud expertise

Google Cloud Platform
Cloud Provider

Cloud Provider

Amazon Web Services
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Our cloud outsourcing service

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Kubernetes outsourcing

Our teams administer your Kubernetes infrastructure 24/7 and allow you to benefit from this technology.

Single-tenant Kubernetes outsourcing

Multi-tenant Kubernetes outsourcing

Multi-cloud Kubernetes outsourcing

Kubernetes hybrid cloud outsourcing

Cloud outsourcing

Our teams administer your Cloud infrastructure 24/7 and allow you to benefit from this technology.

Amazon Web Services Outsourcing

Google Cloud Platform Outsourcing

Azure Outsourcing

Scaleway Outsourcing

OVH Outsourcing

Complete support

We manage your infrastructure 24/7 so that you can gain peace of mind and productivity.


24/7 incident response.

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Close monitoring by our SRE engineers

  • Operational excellence for your environments
  • Anomaly detection
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Close monitoring by our SRE engineers

  • Dedicated support for technical teams
  • Advice on long-term technical choices
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Our engagements
  • Performances

    We optimize your systems and we are proactive for your teams

  • Proximity

    We always remain ultra available and responsive to each of your requests.

  • Anticipation

    We are proactive in responding to your future challenges and issues

  • Security

    We employ strict protocols internally and are vigilant for the slightest abnormal activity

Skyloud Warranties

We guarantee our partners the high availability of their Cloud infrastructure.


GTI - Turnaround time less than 15 minutes

GTD - Over 99.9% availability rate

GTR - Service restoration under 2 hours

What they say
To learn more about our project with Indy, Discover our Success Story
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Romain Koening
Co-founder & CTO

Thanks to Skyloud, we save a lot of time on the Tech side! We no longer need to open the hood at all to manage and maintain our hosted cloud tools (like Sentry and Grafana) and all marketing team sites.

The responsiveness to managing small daily problems is reassuring and gives us great peace of mind. In doing so, we can concentrate on our business and on the tech&product team.

Discover our Success Story
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Working with SKYLOUD means collaborating with a team passionate about the Cloud universe and projects with high technical stakes. We are obsessed with bringing you the best possible satisfaction by respecting our founding values.
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