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What is Kubernetes ?

Thanks to Docker, applications are now embedded in what are called containers. These allow you to isolate your applications so that they can be run independently and on any Linux machine.

Launched by Google in 2015, Kubernetes (K8s) is an open-source technology dedicated to the orchestration of application containers.

K8S provides a platform to automate the deployments, management, networking, scaling and availability of containerized applications on a cluster of servers.

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What are the benefits of Kubernetes?

Portability and interoperability

K8S is open-source and technology-agnostic. These characteristics allow you to be technically free and independent vis-à-vis the various cloud service providers.


Combined with a Cloud Native approach to your IS, the deployment of your applications on test and production platforms is automated and greatly accelerated.

Availability and resilience

A Kubernetes infrastructure is naturally resilient thanks to “Self Healing” and “udapte rolling”. Deployments are done gradually and K8S automatically restarts its containers when needed.

Horizontal scalability

The “scheduling” function automates the selection and start-up of servers in order to respond to platform load increases without service interruption.

Maintenance and evolution

K8S allows centralized management of your infrastructure through configurations applicable to the entire platform. In addition, your updates are rolled out gradually to keep its services operational.

Cost optimization

Moving to containers and Kubernetes helps optimize the cost of your platform by optimizing application resources, using resources as needed, and unifying your infrastructure orchestration.

Our Kubernetes Certifications

Our Kubernetes Services

Kubernetes Audit

Our certified expertise on Kubernetes ensures the quality of your infrastructure and allows you to take advantage of all of its possibilities.

Analysis of the infrastructure architecture

Review of configurations and compliance with good practices

Checking the security level of the infrastructure

Analyze continuous delivery methodologies

Migrating Kubernetes

We migrate your infrastructure to a Cloud Native environment ideal for Kubernetes integration.

Migrationsingle-tenant vers Kubernetes

Migrationmulti-tenant vers Kubernetes

Migrationmulti-cloud vers Kubernetes

Migrationcloud hybride vers Kubernetes

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Kubernetes outsourcing

Our teams administer your Kubernetes infrastructure 24/7 and allow you to benefit from this technology.

Single-tenant Kubernetes outsourcing

Multi-tenant Kubernetes outsourcing

Multi-cloud Kubernetes outsourcing

Kubernetes hybrid cloud outsourcing

Kubernetes infrastructure

We develop a Cloud Native infrastructure using Docker and Kubernetes technologies.

Build Infrastructure single-tenantKubernetes

Build Infrastructure multi-tenantKubernetes

Build Infrastructure multi-cloudKubernetes

Build Infrastructure cloud hybride Kubernetes

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With the strong growth of Mon Petit Placement, we encountered many problems on the infrastructure side. Skyloud took care of the migration to Kubernetes in record time! The result is perfect and we are now confident about the development of our activity.

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