Migrating Kubernetes

The main issues

Mon Petit Placement is a Lyon Fintech whose mission is to democratize premium investment among the general public. The platform allows its users to invest in several investments and obtain returns between 4 and 15%.

My Little Investment uses Skyloud, DevOps & Cloud Expert certified on Kubernetes, for the first time in 2021. The objective is to meet the performance and availability needs of their SAAS application and to absorb the strong growth of the company.

Migration issues:

  • Address platform performance and availability issues
  • Enable horizontal scalability of the infrastructure to absorb one-time scalability
  • Optimize hosting costs with pay-per-use billing
  • Accelerate and minimize risks during deliveries
  • Gain flexibility in infrastructure maintenance and evolution

Skyloud supported Mon Petit Placement in a transition to a Cloud Native infrastructure.
We designed, built and deployed a custom infrastructure on Scaleway Elements for their application.

For this, we used the best Devops & Cloud technologies.


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Containers & Orchestration
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The DESIGN stage: consists in defining the tailor-made target infrastructure to meet the challenges and technical and business constraints.

Step 1

The BUILD step: consists in encapsulating, securing and preparing the application for production. Then, the new infrastructure is created and versioned via Kubernetes and IaC technology.

Step 2

The DEPLOY step: aims to migrate the application and data to the new Cloud environment. For this, checks with the customer are made for the production of pre-production environments. Once validated, production is migrated.

Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
Step 6

Mise en œuvres et résultats

Mon Petit Placement now has a resilient, secure and scalable infrastructure that meets
all its expectations. The management of its infrastructure is no longer a constraint but allows My
Small investment to absorb its growth serenely and with optimized costs.

Finally, the development team is more productive and can devote itself fully to its core business.

Results :

  • A fully re-deployable infrastructure in 15min
  • Increased security through cross-service flow policies
  • Redundancy across multiple data centers
  • Reliable, automatic and redundant backups
  • An evolution and adaptability of the infrastructure for all future needs
Thibault Jaillon

With the strong growth of Mon Petit Placement, we were facing many infrastructure problems.

Skyloud did the migration on Kubernetes in record time! The result is perfect and we are serene now for the development of our business.

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