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Amazon Web Services, what is it?

Amazon launched Amazon Web Services in 2006 and became the pioneer and global leader in cloud services with over 30% market share.

This success is explained by the quality of service and the multitude of services offered by AWS compared to its main competitors. AWS offers more than 200 comprehensive services: compute, storage, databases, analytics, machine learning, networking, mobile services, development tools, management tools, IoT, security, and enterprise applications.

All the technologies provided by AWS allow companies to benefit from the most powerful and modern tools on the market

The benefits of AWS

A wide range of services

AWS has more services than any other cloud provider and offers more than 200.

This advantage allows the customer to have a range of services covering all needs: calculation, storage, databases, machine learning, artificial intelligence, data lakes, analysis,...

The variety of these services makes it possible to have all the necessary technologies to adapt to all needs, even the most specific, with an optimal experience.


AWS is committed to providing industry-leading security to its customers. The company offers a wide range of security measures to protect customer data and applications, including physical security, identity and access management, encryption, secure network, Monitoring and protection against DDoS attacks. In addition, AWS often designs its own server and network hardware to meet higher security requirements than market standards.

Large community

The success of AWS is also due to its global democratization. As the market leader in the cloud, companies using its services have a large community of specialized engineers and the provision of unparalleled information resources.

Our AWS certifications

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Amazon Web Services
AWS Select Partner

As a Select Partner, our expertise in AWS technologies and services is certified and recognized. Our architects have a perfect understanding of AWS solutions and offer you the ideal support to build, optimize and manage your infrastructure.

Our partnership with AWS can provide you with financial benefits to facilitate adoption of these solutions.

Our AWS Services


Audit & Consulting

Our AWS-certified architects analyze your entire infrastructure to offer concrete recommendations based on your challenges: troubleshooting, security, optimization or migration.

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Build & Migration AWS

Our DevOps experts create a cloud infrastructure that fits your challenges perfectly. AWS services are tailored to meet your applications and future projects.

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AWS Run & Outsourcing

Our teams manage and guarantee the availability of your infrastructure, 24/7. You also get support to answer all your questions and needs.

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Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Services
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EKS is an AWS-managed Kubernetes service that enables organizations to deploy and manage containerized applications at scale. EKS is a reliable, scalable service and is seamlessly integrated with AWS security services. Skyloud specializes in the implementation and administration of AWS container solutions and more specifically EKS. You will benefit from all the richness of the Kubernetes and AWS ecosystem to meet your infrastructure challenges.

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What they say
Lancelot PrigentLogo Mon Petit Placement
Lancelot Prigent

We needed an application that could scale for our frequent load peaks. Skyloud has provided us with a resilient, scalable and monitored infrastructure that allows us to project ourselves calmly into all our future evolutions. I'm also very satisfied with Skyloud outsourcing, as I no longer have to manage anything when it comes to deployments or monitoring our infrastructure. This saves me a lot of time. The teams are always available and the exchanges are very fluid.

Romain KoszykLogo Mon Petit Placement
Romain Koszyk
Application Security Engineer

We asked Skyloud to perform a review of the architecture of our Cloud infrastructure on Kubernetes. The audit was a great help for our infrastructure and security teams.

The architect went very far in the recommendations he gave us and the deliverable was adapted to best meet our expectations. We will not hesitate to use their services again. Thanks again !

Photo Romain KeoningIndy Logo
Romain Koening
Co-Founder & CTO

Thanks to Skyloud, we save a lot of time on the Tech side! We no longer need to open the hood at all to manage and maintain our hosted cloud tools (like Sentry and Grafana) and all marketing team sites.

The responsiveness to managing small daily problems is reassuring and gives us great peace of mind. In doing so, we can concentrate on our business and on the tech&product team.

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