AWS Build & Outsourcing

The main issues

HappyPal is an innovative, personalized and 100% digital new generation employee benefits platform for CSE, HR and business leaders.

Happypal contacted SKYLOUD in 2022 with the desire to create a brand new infrastructure on AWS for the latest version of its product. They need DevOps expertise to meet this challenge and offload the technical team.

Happypal needs a resilient and scalable infrastructure that will meet its strong growth.

Challenges of the new architecture

  • Have the ability to create as many desired environments for future needs
  • Accelerate future application deployments
  • Protect customer data and master backups
  • Optimize infrastructure costs and energy impact


Amazon Web Services
Cloud Provider
Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service
Containers & Orchestration
Containers & Orchestration
Infrastructure as Code
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Definition of the target infrastructure architecture

Step 1

Preparing the application for production

Step 2

Creation of the new infrastructure via IaC and Kubernetes

Step 3

Infrastructure Versioning

Step 4

Implementation of the application and data migration

Step 5
Step 6

Mise en œuvres et résultats

Skyloud has created a whole new Cloud Native architecture for Happypal. We designed, built and deployed a custom AWS infrastructure for their application.

In numbers

  • Infrastructure availability : 99.99%
  • Deployed environments : 4
  • Monthly deliveries via Github Actions : +70
  • API response time : 67.6ms

In facts

  • Infrastructure is fully coded as code with a Cloud First strategy
  • Redundancy across multiple availability zones in case of failure
  • An infrastructure designed to adapt to the solutions used such as Elastic Search Cloud
  • Infrastructure can easily evolve according to growth challenges
  • Deployment of a modern GitOps strategy for all infrastructure components including ArgoCD
  • Deployment of a Vault with Hashicorp and direct integration with their application
  • Setting up a WAF on AWS and Cloudflare
  • Stop traffic with automated IP autoban according to abnormal business behavior
  • Hijacking major international attacks on their platform
  • Safety and product development advice
  • Mise en place d’une stratégie de sauvegarde avec AWS Backup
  • Creation of a developer-oriented monitoring stack for traffic analysis and application logs
Lancelot Prigent

We needed an app that could scale for our frequent load peaks, due to our event activity. Skyloud has provided us with a scalable, monitored and monitored infrastructure that allows us to project ourselves serenely into our business and especially for all our future evolutions.

I am also very satisfied with Skyloud outsourcing, because I have nothing to manage when it comes to deploying or monitoring our infrastructure. This saves me a lot of time. The teams are always available and exchanges are very fluid.

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