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The rapid development of web technologies today creates real infrastructure challenges for companies. With complex infrastructure issues and the use of various technologies, companies increasingly need to be supported by experts who will be able to meet their needs. By calling on our Cloud architects, you ensure that you make the right technical choices for the present and the long term.

Why do an infrastructure audit?

  • Your infrastructure is having problems

    We analyze your infrastructure to determine the causes of your downtimes, latencies, or your security breaches. We recommend the appropriate actions depending on the issues.

  • Your infrastructure faces new challenges

    You need expertise to design the future and make the right technical choices for the long term.

  • You want to migrate your infrastructure

    You must define the target architecture that will best meet your challenges and you need a DevOps & Cloud expert to be supported in your migration project.

Our Audit services

Infrastructure Audit

We analyze your infrastructure in order to set up an action plan adapted to your objectives

  • Assess the risks (SPOF, PRA, Security)

  • Review the key concepts that constitute good practice

  • Highlight infrastructure weaknesses

  • Define quick wins and long term actions
    Propose an ideal architecture that meets your challenges

Incident Audit

Our experts analyze your incidents in production a posteriori in order to identify the causes and accompany you towards a permanent resolution of the problem.
Identification of the cause of the incident(s)

  • Optimize stack monitoring and configuration of relevant logs

  • Define and exploit the possible fields of action in the event of a breakdown

  • Evaluate the service backup and restoration strategy

  • Test or evaluate the restoration of one or more backups

Kubernetes Audit

Our certified expertise on Kubernetes ensures the quality of your infrastructure and allows you to take advantage of all of its possibilities.

  • Analysis of the infrastructure architecture

  • Review of configurations and compliance with good practices

  • Checking the security level of the infrastructure

  • Analyze continuous delivery methodologies

  • Evaluate the stack monitoring and relevance of the Logs collected

How is an Infrastructure Audit carried out?

What objectives for your infrastructure after an Audit?

Our teams audit your infrastructure and support you in implementing best practices in terms of architecture, security and technological choices. We have specific operational excellence objectives:



Your future infrastructure is stable and does not experience any latency or interruption of services.



The infrastructures that we design evolve in a completely automated way and adapt the flows and the resources according to the needs.



The DevSecOps approach of our architects makes it possible to integrate the security issues of your future infrastructure from the design of its architecture


Cost optimization

Your future infrastructure only consumes what it needs.



Your future infrastructure allows you to quickly deploy all your updates.



Your backups are reliable, automatic and redundant.

What they say

Pour en savoir plus sur notre projet avec Pennylane, Découvrez notre Success Story
Romain Koszyk
Application Security Engineer

Nous avons sollicité Skyloud pour réaliser une revue de l’architecture de notre infrastructure Cloud sur Kubernetes. L’audit a été d’une aide précieuse pour nos équipes d’infrastructure et sécurité.

L’architecte est allé très loin dans les recommandations qu’il nous a faites et le livrable a été adapté pour correspondre au mieux à nos attentes. Nous n’hésiterons pas à refaire appel à leurs services. Encore merci !

Discover our Success Story
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