Kubernetes Audit

The main issues

Pennylane is the steering platform that synchronizes all corporate financial data to help managers make the right decisions. It enables you to monitor cash flow in real time, manage purchases and simplify sales.

Pennylane contacts Skyloud in 2022 for a Kubernetes infrastructure audit.

Pennylane plans to migrate their CRM, as well as their internal development tools to Kubernetes. They need expertise to validate their migration roadmap and obtain solutions to their security challenges.

Audit issues :

  • Validate the production launch roadmap
  • Garantir la résilience des clusters Kubernetes
  • Challenge the security of the application platform
  • Obtain a set of concrete recommendations

Find out how SKYLOUD was able to address these infrastructure challenges through a Cloud Native approach.


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Discover the Kubernetes resources used and understand the needs of the Pennylane application.

Step 1

Understand RBAC policy requirements and question choices made

Step 2

Complete review of AWS EKS infrastructure, including sub-networks, reliability, orchestration and schedulling.

Step 3

Definition of concrete actions to be taken and creation of a final report including all objectives to be achieved.

Step 4
Step 5
Step 6

Mise en œuvres et résultats

We produced a comprehensive report including DevOps, security, automation and strategy action points. We highlighted the critical security points and supported Pennylane in their architecture choices for a resilient, secure and scalable infrastructure.

Pennylane now has a clear and precise roadmap for achieving operational excellence and being at the forefront of security best practices.

In addition to our recommendations, we provided additional demonstrations to the technical teams:

  • Demonstration of Loadbalancer management with Cloudflare Zero-Trust
  • Demonstration of a Kubernetes mesh service with Linkerd
  • Demonstration of IRSA Terraform module management (via assume role unit on pods)
  • Presentation of typical architecture
Romain Koszyk
Security Manager app

We asked Skyloud to carry out an architecture review of our Cloud infrastructure on Kubernetes. The audit was a great help to our infrastructure and security teams.

The architect went very far in the recommendations he made and the deliverable was adapted to best meet our expectations.
We wouldn't hesitate to use their services again. Many thanks again!

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