Design efficient Cloud Native infrastructures

Our DevOps experts support you in designing and building a new robust and scalable infrastructure for your applications.

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Build High-Performance Cloud Native Products

Creating a robust and scalable Cloud infrastructure turns out to be complex and requires specialized and specific skills. Beyond this constraint, a well-designed infrastructure can become a competitive advantage and a real growth driver for your product.
Our DevOps experts design for you the ideal Cloud infrastructure for your applications, from the creation of the environments to the CI/CD chain.

Why design an infrastructure from scratch?

Find out why our customers choose to build a new cloud infrastructure:

Our Infrastructure Build Services

Cloud infrastructure

We develop a Cloud infrastructure perfectly adapted to your new product and its evolution.

  • Build Infrastructure-from-scratch Amazon Web Services

  • Build Infrastructure-from-scratch Google Cloud Platform

  • Build Infrastructure-from-scratch Azure

  • Build Infrastructure-from-scratch Scaleway

Kubernetes infrastructure

We develop a Cloud Native infrastructure using Docker and Kubernetes technologies.

  • Build Kubernetes single-tenant infrastructure

  • Build multi-tenant Kubernetes infrastructure

  • Build Multi-Cloud Kubernetes Infrastructure

  • Build Kubernetes hybrid cloud infrastructure

Our cloud expertise

Google Cloud Platform
Cloud Provider

Cloud Provider

Amazon Web Services
Cloud Provider

Tailor-made support

We go through well-defined qualitative processes in order to successfully create your new infrastructure.

What are the benefits of a cloud infrastructure

It already has everything you need!


Your new infrastructure allows you to obtain the high availability of your services. Your users' traffic is always redirected to healthy and operational systems.


If your applications need more resources and the basic instances are no longer sufficient, your new infrastructure will automatically order a new server while it absorbs the load. It will return to its initial state once the wave is over.

Continuous deployment

If you are a developer, setting up a CI/CD on your infrastructure will guarantee you a completely automated update of your services in the best conditions and without interruption.


The autonomy provided by your new infrastructure evolves in a completely automated way! Every 30sec, application metrics are evaluated to determine how many times it is necessary to replicate the service.


From the design of our architectures, we integrate security with a “Security by-design” approach. In addition, the level of security that we bring to the infrastructures is very high.


For your infrastructure to be as reliable as possible, human interaction should be avoided as much as possible. Indeed, human error is the main cause of incidents in production, but also a significant loss of energy when it comes to performing conventional maintenance on an environment.

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