AWS Outsourcing

The main issues

Indy automates accounting for the self-employed and the self-employed professions with a simple, user-friendly product that works right through to the balance sheet.

Indy contacted Skyloud in 2020 for close, expert assistance in outsourcing the management of all their infrastructures hosting the showcase sites, Marketing tools and their DevOps tools.

The aim is to enable them to concentrate on their core business and benefit from a stable, high-performance infrastructure. All the while benefiting from support to answer any questions they may have.

Outsourcing challenges :

  • Outsource infrastructure management to benefit from maintenance in operational condition and the guarantee of high availability.
  • Benefit from proximity to DevOps & Cloud experts who can meet their different needs.
  • Ensure proper international application distribution


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Setting up an account on our Skyloud.App

Step 1

Creation of a common documentation area

Step 2

Installation of external and internal probes

Step 3

Wiki space creation and invitation to technical managers

Step 4

Creation of a task sheet for restoring all backed-up data

Step 5

Setting up outsourcing

Step 6

Mise en œuvres et résultats

Indy's technical teams can concentrate on their core business, while benefiting from available, high-performance infrastructures and local support to answer their questions.

Today, we've had the opportunity to work alongside them on other DevOps missions involving CI/CD and monitoring.

Results :

  • High-performance, high-availability sites
  • Platform always available, even in the event of database failure
  • Restore entire environments in less than 15 minutes in the event of a major breakdown or loss of all data
  • DevOps experts on hand to answer any questions you may have
Romain Keoning
Co-founder & CTO

Thanks to Skyloud, we save an enormous amount of time on the tech side! We no longer need to open the hood at all to manage and maintain our hosted cloud tools (like Sentry and Grafana) and all the marketing team's sites.

Our ability to react quickly to minor problems on a daily basis is reassuring and gives us peace of mind. This means we can concentrate on our core business and the tech&product team.

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