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The main issues

Swikly is the online surety specialist.
Its SAAS application allows very simply to request a deposit, online, to a tenant.

Swikly is aimed at professionals in seasonal rental, car rental, but also short-term rental in general. Swikly contacted SKYLOUD in 2022 in order to outsource the hosting of its showcase site and optimize its performance.

Challenges of hosting:

  • Benefit from a managed cloud hosting solution
  • Guarantee compatibility between the hosting and the development of Swikly's internal tools
  • Optimize the response times of international websites in order to increase their SEO scores


Cloud Provider
Containers & Orchestration
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Existing analysis and inventory of resources

Step 1

Definition of the key resources needed to host applications

Step 2

Deploying Wordpress with Varnish

Step 3

Data synchronization and database migration

Step 4

Test of the new production

Step 5

Switch all traffic to the new DNS

Step 6

Mise en œuvres et résultats

SKYLOUD now hosts Swikly’s Wordpress showcase site and benefits from a powerful and fully managed solution.

Directly hosted on our public cluster, the Swikly showcase site benefits from better performance thanks to Kubernetes.

Our cluster is supervised and maintained 24/7 by our DevOps engineers who ensure its availability and the quality of backups. Swikly teams can thus focus on their business application, freed from the management and cost constraints of an infrastructure.

Results :

  • Better SEO thanks to cache system optimizations
  • A powerful and highly available website
  • Increased security of access to the administration console
  • A site always available even in case of database failure
  • Restoration of the entire site in less than 15min in case of major failure
Xavier Rouhaud

We needed an expert to focus on our application. Our website has better performance and is compatible with our internal tools. We enjoyed working with the Skyloud teams, they are very competent and have a real business qualification.

Today, we also benefit from Skyloud’s expertise for our cloud infrastructure challenges.

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