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"En 10 questions"

1 - What are the key concepts of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?

In addition to the notions already defined in the general terms and conditions, the following terms are added, the meaning of which is defined by the "General Data Protection Regulation" (GDPR), Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016, on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC:

2 - Who is the Data Controller of your Personal Data?

The Company Skyloud determines the purposes and means of processing your Personal Data. Within the framework of the edition of the Site and the management of the Accounts, the Company therefore acts as the Data Controller within the meaning of Article 4 of the RGPD.

‍3 - What are the categories of Personal Data concerned?

4 - What are the purposes associated with the processing of Personal Data?

Why do we collect your personal data?
What personal data are affected by this processing?
What is the legal basis for processing your personal data?
- Create and manage your account

Customer account data: identification and connection data

- Consent when you create your account without making a payment and for data that is not strictly necessary for the execution of the contract.

- Execution of the contract

- Manage your access and use of the application through the implementation of technical support

- Implement and send you tips and tricks about our products or services electronically (blog and help center)

Loyalty data: identification data, connection data, web data.

- Consent

- Execution of the contract

- Constitute and update a database of users, customers and prospects (statistics and audience measurement)

- To set up and send you by electronic means commercial and advertising information adapted to your preferences and possible needs (newsletters, solicitations and promotional messages).

Prospecting data: identification data, connection data, web data.

- Consent

- Legitimate interest of the controller

- To manage the opinions and feedback of our services and content

- Optimize the operation of Georges by improving our services and website based on your experience

Customer experience data: identification data, login data, web data.

- Consent

- Legitimate interest of the controller

- Ensure service continuity and maintain a secure environment through malware detection and security incident management.
All data combined
- Legitimate interest of the data controller

5 - Who are the recipients of your Personal Data?

Access to Personal Data is strictly controlled. The Company ensures that the data is only accessible to authorized internal or external recipients.

Internal recipients:

External recipients:

The clearance policy is updated regularly and takes into account the arrival and departure of Company employees with access to data. If an employee becomes aware that he or she has access to data to which he or she should not have access, he or she is required to notify the appropriate department immediately. All accesses concerning the processing of Personal Data of Data Subjects are subject to a traceability measure.

In addition, your Personal Data may be transmitted to third-party service providers who are required to use it only for the purposes for which the Company has entrusted it to them, including :

In this context, the Company ensures that the security of your Data is preserved through strict control:

6 - How long do you keep your Personal Data?

The Company retains your data for a certain period of time in order to provide you with its services or assistance. The Company may also retain some of your information if necessary, even after you have closed your account or it no longer needs it to provide its services to you. Your Personal Information will not be transferred, rented or exchanged to third parties. The length of time the Company retains your Personal Information is determined by the Company in accordance with legal and contractual requirements and, if not, according to its needs:

Retention periods for each category of Personal Data

The data used to establish proof of a right or a contract (customer data, etc.) or kept to comply with a legal obligation (invoicing data, etc.), are subject to an intermediate archiving policy for a period not exceeding the time required for the purposes for which they are kept, in accordance with the provisions in force.

After the set time limits, the data is either deleted or kept after being anonymized, in particular for statistical purposes. Data Subjects are reminded that the deletion or anonymization of data stored in its systems are irreversible operations and that the Company is not, thereafter, able to restore them.

‍7 - What security measures are applied on your Personal Data:

As a Data Controller, the Company is committed to aligning its practices to comply with European regulations and guarantee a level of security appropriate to the risk (Article 32 §1 of the GDPR).

The organizational security measures taken by the Company in the context of its processing of Personal Data include, but are not limited to, the following measures:

The technical security measures taken by the Company in connection with its processing of Personal Data include, but are not limited to, the following measures:

8 - What are your rights regarding your Personal Data and how to exercise them?

In order to allow a regular update of the personal data collected by the Company, this one will be able to solicit the Persons concerned who will have for obligation to satisfy the requests of the Company. In accordance with the regulations applicable to personal data, the Persons concerned have the following rights:

You can exercise one or more of these rights by contacting us via the dedicated module. This one-month period may be extended by two months if the complexity of the request and/or the number of requests require it. In order to protect us from any risk of data leakage or identity theft, some requests will need to be accompanied by a photocopy of a signed, valid identity document.

‍9 - How to contact our Data Protection Officer?

A Data Protection Officer is available for any questions or requests for further clarification relating to Skyloud's Privacy Policy. You can contact him via the dedicated module.

For any other more general information on the protection of Personal Data, you can consult the website of the National Commission for Information and Liberties (CNIL) at the following address: www.cnil.fr

‍10 - Under what conditions does our Privacy Policy apply?

Continued browsing of Skyloud's sites constitutes unreserved acceptance of the provisions of this Privacy Policy. The version currently online - effective May 25, 2020 - is the only version that is enforceable during the entire time you use the site and until a new version replaces it.

Our policy on Personal Data (in terms of confidentiality and cookies) may be modified or amended at any time in the event of legal or jurisprudential developments, decisions and recommendations of the CNIL (the French Data Protection Authority) or practices. Any new version of this Policy will be brought to the attention of the Persons concerned by any means defined by the Company, including electronically (e.g. distribution by e-mail or online).

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